Gadget Flow
Viio Bluetooth LED Mirrors
Beautify your home using sound and light with the Viio Bluetooth LED Mirrors. Featuring touch control LED lighting, Viio mirrors offer ideal illumination in any setting. It also comes with one-touch Bluetooth connectivity and a two-way speaker system...
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Style At Home
Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom
This sleek LED mirror is the perfect marriage between decor and technology. It's ideal for mom's bedroom or bathroom and does so much more than just let her check her reflection. This high-tech piece has Bluetooth-enabled speaker sound and once connected...
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Extreme How To
Viio Smart Mirror
The EHT staff recently installed the Viio Smart Mirror. The Viio plays music and takes calls from a sleekly designed, LED-lit mirror. It comes in three sizes to offer a suite of Viio mirrors that will light up any room in your house, while you listen to...
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15 Gift Ideas Your Mom Will Love This Mother's Day
Bathrooms tend to get cluttered quickly. And most moms hate clutter. The Viio mirror (available in three sizes, ranging from $400-$695) is completely wireless, but has an LED light border and on-board Bluetooth stereo connectivity, letting mom do everything...
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Traditional Home
Hot List: What's New in Tech
Check this out. Smart fan Veent learns the patterns of humidity in your bathroom over time in and will kick on automatically when the moisture levels get too high. The sleek design features a powerful (and quiet!) fan to help keep your bathroom dry...
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Huffington Post
This Bluetooth Mirror is no Fairy Tale
Mirror, mirror on the wall, play some tunes by Daryl Hall. Fantasy? Fairy Tale? Nope! The Vezzo Bluetooth Mirror ($395) from Viio Mirrors can play your favorite tunes, answer your phone (and make calls) and show you off in all your glory...
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Wifi Hifi
5 Unique Ways To Smarten Up Your Home
Go a step further with a neat smart mirror that can either display a video feed in the corner, or play back audio via a built-in Bluetooth speaker. The Viio Vero, for example, is a 30" round vanity mirror that provides reflection and LED light...
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Martha Stewart
Finally! A Fog-Free Bathroom Mirror that Plays Music and Answers Phone Calls
You probably don't think you need a "smart" mirror, but the cool features on Viio's new line of home accessories might just chance your mind. Seriously, who could say no to an anti-fog wall mirror that plays music, takes phone calls and...
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Still talk on the phone? You can make calls with this Viio Vezzo smart mirror
Need to call your friend while you put in your contacts? A company called Viio has created mirrors that let you chat through your mirror. Viio equips its mirrors with Bluetooth, so you can connect them wirelessly to your mobile device, tablet or...
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